Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sports Talk

A lot of crazy shit has gone down in the last 48 hours; Petrino left Atlanta for Arkansas, TO and Keyshawn are rumbling, and the Mitchell Report just dropped.  Here's my preliminary take on all three.
What a fucking scumbag!  Just leaving in the middle of the season after telling your boss two days before that you were staying is a scumbag move of the highest order.  It's not his decision to leave that I take issue with, but rather his timing and cowardly decision to give his players a letter and high-tail it out of town.  If Petrino had to leave before the season was over he should have had the guts to tell his team and his boss face-to-face, like a man.
TO vs. Keyshawn
This is interesting because I think they're both right.  TO is correct when he says that Wade Phillips isn't getting enough credit for the job he's done as a coach of the Cowboys and Keyshawn is right when he tells TO that he's not going to win a public fight with Parcells. 
Obviously Wade Phillips is doing a good job this season, but I did hear a theory that Jason Garrett is really the Head Coach and Phillips is just there to keep the hear off of Garrett.  It's not like TO was recovering from injury or something last year Parcells was being a dick; calling him "the player" and doing all that petty, childish shit that the Big Tuna does as a coach; to his own detriment as the coach/leader of the organization.  It's not like I don't understand all that "old school" stuff that Parcells does, I was a part of that last generation of athletes that coaches didn't allow to have water during practice (that had changed by the time I was out of high school though) and lived in fear of my football coaches but in the fullness of time I've come to see that shit doesn't produce lasting results.  A coach has to be a teacher, a mentor, and someone who nurtures talent, not just a disciplinarian who rules through fear; because when you have a player like TO who can't be intimidated or embarassed you've got nothing in your tool box to deal with him.
Keyshawn was trying to proffer some good advice to TO, but he probably should have done it in person not running his mouth on TV. Keyshawn knows what he's talking about when it comes to pissing matches with a coach, 'cause he managed to get himself kicked off the Bucs the year after they won the SuperBowl by Gruden.  Still, if Keyshawn really wanted to help TO, he should have cruised by the locker room after a game or taken him out to dinner so they could talk in private and TO wouldn't immediately become defensive and lash out the way he did.
Mitchell Report
Clemens was using steroids?!?!?!  Who would have ever believed such a thing?  THHHHPPPTTT! 
I wonder if anyone is going to try to hang some asterisks on Clemen's win total or Cy Young awards or will that treatment be reserved for Bonds?  If the wretched pigs who call themselves sports writers don't start crucifying Clemens and all the other steroid cheats in the Mitchell Report we'll know what the persecution of Barry Bonds was really all about: race.