Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From Moms on the Hill (MOTH)

From a MOTH post:

Hello, MOTH gardeners and driveway "owners" --- Neighbors and community members are reporting that they are receiving tickets for parking in their own driveway (which is not legally theirs, according to DC law) and for having treebox plantings over 18 inches (under an 1870 law governing public spaces).

One woman I know got tickets for each violation, the car in the driveway and a Yucca plant that exceed 18 inches. I have heard that new inspectors have been hired, and are being encouraged to ticket and tickets have indeed been issued. The curb cut that leads to the driveway and the driveway itself, if located in the front or side of the house, unless set far back like in some NW neighborhoods, is public space and parking in apparently not permitted there. So people who have been parking in what they believe to be their driveway for years are getting tickets from DDOT. Perhaps the city is trying to raise funds any way it can in these trying times.

As for the treebox, a tree is permitted, of course, but even a tulip that reaches a little 18 inches, or a sunflower, as I have have liked to plant, can result in a hefty fine. Some have complained to ANC and Wells' office, but be forewarned--the fines will keep coming, I understand.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Not Quite Breaking News - Shooting at 1400 Maryland Ave NE

Frozen Tropics just posted that there was a shooting this morning at 1400 Maryland Ave NE. Fox News also has a story up.

DC Alert pegged the time of the shooting at 8:47am and reported that the gunman was last seen heading on foot towards H St NE. Suspect was wearing a gray & black jacket, dark pants, a skull cap, and a black ski mask.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rumor Mongering - H St. Country Club

I've totally fallen off with posting lately. Between rugby season taking up a lot of time, my boss actually making me work, and a pregnant wife I just haven't gotten around to doing much writing. The great irony is that being busy means that I have more material to write about, but less time to actually do the writing.

I was talking to a former neighbor this morning and he told me that the reason the H St. Country Club hasn't opened is a problem with WASA. Apparently the Country Club has a six inch water pipe coming from the street but only a three inch pipe servicing the property which can't meet their needs.

I asked about the fact that there was a restaurant in that spot previously and got a little background information that the former tenant wasn't using the entire footprint of the property and they didn't have a sprinkler system. I guess there's a little more regulatory oversight on H St. these days.