Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mark Thorp Hates on Turkey

From an e-mail:

...but how many of you are really gonna be suckered into the absurd notion that the rare opportunity to sit down and feast with friends and family merits a f****** turkey? we ask the rah rah turkey traditionalists:
* when did you or anyone you know sit down at any restaurant and seek out turkey on the menu?
* have you ever been to a fine dining restaurant that served turkey?
* do you really prefer turkey to lobster-stuffed tenderloin, or pan-seared tuna, or a rack of lamb?
* in fact, as fowl goes, does turkey even rank with duck, pheasant, quail, or even chicken? 
* have you ever considered why the word 'turkey' is often delivered as an insult and preceded by the word "jive"?
we know you people have taste, we haven't had a request for coors light in the three months we've been open, so if you haven't bought that dumb-ass hunk of dry meat requiring twice it's weight in gravy to generate anything resembling "mouth-watering" or "flavorful", it ain't too late to shift gears and cook something people axually get excited about... 

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