Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Blast: Dog Owners Who Don't Clean Up

What kind of selfish, inconsiderate human being would leave their dog's shit around for you to step in? A big part of the reason I don't have a dog is that I don't want to deal with dog shit; cleaning it up, throwing it away, or even thinking about it.

As you may already suspect, this post is about one specific dog owner. It's a guy that lives in my building who owns a 130+ pound Rottweiler, this dog eats large amounts of food and takes large dumps all over the decent sized back yard of our building. This dog owner, along with his wife, swear that they clean up all of their dog's shit and that any dog shit I see in the yard must have been left by some other dog owner.

Now this claim of theirs isn't entirely without merit. We have a yard that's five yards deep and runs the length of the building (which is about thirty yards long) and is fenced in along the back side. Over the years I've definitely caught some people running their dogs in our yard and one morning a few years back some asshole's dog jumped up on me with muddy paws onto a clean white shirt when I was leaving for work one day. Which means that it's not entirely implausible that at least some of the errant dog shit in my yard comes from some other inconsiderate dickhead's dog. Problem is that a 130+ pound dog takes uniquely huge dumps and most of the "unclaimed freight" in our yard is of the large variety. So unless a half dozen different Rottweiler owners are letting their dogs poop in my yard, I feel pretty safe saying this sloppy moron (and his equally dopey old lady) is falling down on the job.

His sloth and immaturity comes at the expense of everyone else in our building who can't use their back yard because it's a dog shit mine field. Yeah sure sometimes this lazy douche will thoroughly clean the yard before a Summer holiday weekend, but only because he doesn't wanna step in his dog's crap either. We have a unique situation that, aside from individuals in the building constantly hassling this creep, renders us unable to effectively sanction this guy short of going thermonuclear and throwing him out of the building. That may well happen anyway, but not because of the dog shit but because this guys handles everything like he handles his dog: poorly.

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Knockout Ed said...

Ah those "uniquely huge dumps" lol

Nylonthread said...

hey, this sort of thing totally burns me up, too, but more often, we are dealing with unleashed dogs, which make me to batshit. BTW, Hill Rat, can you check yr direct tweets from me today? Thx! (heh, my word verification is "chienc" how appropriate)

Anonymous said...

Hill Rat, I totally concur. As a "responsible" pet owner who has also been blamed for "other ass-wipes' dog messes" I get real pissed off. There is no excuse and sloths like those in your building just make it bad for other pet owners who actually respect other people's spaces, lawns and common areas. I just saw a lady talking on her cell phone while her dog was taking a dump on someone's lawn, not even the curb side, city-own piece of earth, but someone's lawn. Yes, and she had the audacity of just walking away. I don't know if she just pretended or was still talking but I know she her me yell, "Hey aren't you even going to pick it up?! Then I yelled some expletives. I wish I had my cell phone I would have taken her picture and plastered it on every website I could as well as the Chron and PD. I'll recognize that dog again for sure. I think you should put up some surveilance cameras or put pressure on the landlord and nail these bozos red-handed walking away after their dog took a huge dump. It's a health hazard. Maybe get a petition going and the landlord should make it so general public's k9s can't have access either. Sheesh! Otherwise, the landlord should clean it up! Health hazard...I'm telling you!

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