Saturday, September 05, 2009

Real Pizza on the Hill Finally?

Earlier this week I heard one of the patrons at Peregrine asking some dude when the pizza joint (in the spot formerly occupied by Ben & Jerry's on 7th St SE) is opening up. The reply was that they were going to be opening some time next week. I was rolling by the place today and saw this sign up in the window.

7th Hill Pizza also had their sign up

But perhaps more important than all of that, they seem to have all of their administrative ducks in a row too.

I am waiting for this opening with bated breath, in the hopes that my days of trucking out to Valentino's for a decent pie are over.


Scenic Artisan said...

isnt there a good pizza place on east capitol?

there was when i briefly lived on the hill 12 years ago, but i thought it was still there.

Hill Rat said...

Good pizza on East Capitol St.?

[read in Cockney accent]Not bloody likely!

ibc said...

You may be talking about Al's.

And, no, there is no good pizza on East Capitol...

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