Saturday, June 30, 2018

So Hard

So hard to keep the momentum going with this writing thing, but I must make time for it. I owe this to myself, there's nothing wrong with claiming 30 minutes a day to write and if it's OK to take 30, it's probably even better to take 60. The whole rest of the day is about them and me doing things that serve their interests, it's OK for me to claim 4% of the day for me, right?

Part of the struggle of writing is what do I write about? I don't want to get into too much navel gazing, cataloging the myriad ways that the universe has done me wrong or even the process of writing have been done to death. Besides, I have too much to be grateful for to make complaints the focus of my writing. 

The process, if I'm going to engage in the "process" then perhaps I should take this offline and get into some sort of writing group? I saw that one meets at the NorthEast Library on Thursday evenings, that would match the cadence of going to Thursday night rugby practice and be something all stakeholders (the fam) could understand and incorporate into their lives. Maybe I need to demand that they all clear the decks for me on Thursday evening, so that I can pursue my interests.

But if I’m going to get all bossy and start asking for things, perhaps I should focus my efforts on going back to school. I’ve talked about this grad school thing already and if I’m putting on my analyst hat, when we compare joining a writing group to pursue some Quixotic dream of being writer and going to grad school, it’s clear that the bet that will pay is getting a graduate degree.

In DC there’s so much educational inflation, it’s almost impossible to advance to the big game without a graduate degree unless you have some sort of very specialized undergraduate degree. Maybe it’s not educational inflation, maybe there is some value to be had from a graduate degree. In the program I’m looking at right now, every single class relates to what I do professionally. There’s no abstractions or filler or bullshit, this is what I want and need to know.

Welp, at this point it’s pretty clear what I need to do: get my dumb ass back in school.


PS – I’m 100 words short of my 500 word goal for the day, but I’m going to let it go because I got what I needed to get out of this session….that happened in 20 minutes.

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