Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two Words: Raiders Suck

What a horrible way to start the season, punditry calling for a 4-12 campaign from the Silver & Black appears to be right on target. Brooks held the ball too long all night and the Raiders didn't establish any kind of running game to slow down Merriman and the rest of the Bolts front 7. Even the 20 yards that Jordan did have are suspect because he had a couple of 8 yard runs on 3 & 24. The Raider D settled down after allowing LT to run for 87 yards . . . IN THE FIRST QUARTER!! Really just a terrible, wretched, listless, and sorry performance.

At this point I feel like I'm paying penance for a childhood filled with playoff games and Super Bowl wins.


Anonymous said...

yo cowboy, hows about you spend more time fixing up this crummy blog and less time offering annoying comments on DCist. Cause if you can't blog your own self the maybe you should stop all the sarcastic comments over on the other blog.

Hill Rat said...

Unless I'm commenting on style, content, frequency of posts, etc. I can't see what my blog has to do with what I say elsewhere. In my own defense, at least I'm not such a punk ass that I go around leaving anonymous comments.

If I had any idea who you were I might put a little more stock in your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, dude. Don't let the haters win. But can we get more pictures please?

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