Friday, June 06, 2008

Curious Phenomenon in DC

I get this in cabs all the time, but it also happens in shops and
stores in DC too; they don't have change for $20 bills. WTF?

You're a retail business on K St NW, smack in the middle of downtown, and you can't make $20 worth of change on Friday afternoon? I find this mind boggling.


Anonymous said...

they don't give change b/c they don't want to have deal with the possibility of someone giving them counterfeit money.

Anonymous said...

anonymous no. 1, you're an idiot.

James Puckett said...

Everybody runs out of change in DC because ATMs here almost always give out nothing but twenty dollar bills, and if a store isn’t near a bank or fast food, there’s no way to get more small bills when they run out.

Hill Rat said...


Please, there are banks all over downtown that stay open until 6 or 7pm on Fridays. Most PNC branches are open until 6pm every night of the week. Also, what city doesn't have ATMs that give out twenties almost exclusively?

Anonymous said...

Don't they have to pay to get change from the bank?