Saturday, August 12, 2006

Live from Montreal

I had no idea what was going on yesterday when we were travelling and there was a ban on liquids in carry-on baggage, imagine my surprise when I saw the headlines at The war on terror has definitely distracted airport security personnel from the war on drugs, I had an unmarked baggie filled with pills (amoxicillin, I had an ear infection) in my carry-on that noone asked any questions about.

Beautiful city, we're right in the heart of old Montreal. Unfortunately the cab drivers here suck, I've been in this city less than 36 hours and I've had to give directions to two cabbies. WTF? Also, what's up with $15/day for internet access in the hotel? I'm not even paying for it and I'm still appalled.

It's been nice to be able to walk outside and not soak through my shirt in ten minutes.

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