Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DCPS Madness

OK, I've been trying to figure out a hook for this blog and I think I've found one. I'm going to try and blog what I have to do to get BabyRat enrolled in a quality DCPS school. The story could end up being short and boring, we have a neighbor that seems to want to be BFF with WifeRat and she has two little ones just slightly older than ours that are already at Peabody. It looks like we have the inside track on whichever program we prefer at Peabody Elementary, but who knows what's going to happen.

We actually got an e-mail today from Roberta (not her real name) today reminding us about the out of boundary lottery for Peabody. After responding from my iPhone (yes I am one of those obnoxious creeps that loves their iPhone; it was an unsolicited gift that I now can't live without) whilst enjoying a beverage at the Argonaut I came home, cracked open a Sierra Nevada and started conducting some preliminary research on what has to be done.

This shit is way confusing. More soon.

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