Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SOL at Peabody

So WifeRat and BabyRat ran into Roberta and her brood at a local playground today and apparently we're shit outta luck. Any previously mentioned hook up with regard to getting BabyRat into Peabody appears to be off the table. When I mentioned that we were in boundary for Ludlow-Taylor, Roberta kind of winced and pained look crossed her face. She didn't say anything more specific than she didn't know any parents whose kids went to L-T.

The only other time Ludlow-Taylor had ever been mentioned to me is when some parent (who was a little too impressed with themselves) proclaimed that BabyRat wasn't going to school at L-T less than five minutes after we met. I know that this parent was trying to be helpful and probably thought that their assertiveness was coming off as some sort of ranting comic charm, but it struck me as kind of paternal and bossy. In their defense, this other parent also did have some specific complaints about assaults that happened in the bathroom. When the Wife and I got home we agreed that there were probably no White kids at that school and a quick check of the Post website that breaks down DCPS schools shows that there are no White students at Ludlow-Taylor.

I wonder if BabyRat gets counted as White or Black by DCPS?