Monday, January 28, 2008

Re: [SWS] Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler]

The problem with articles like this is that no matter what you and I do as individuals, it doesn't affect anything.  I'm more than willing to cut my meat consumption by 20%, but unless everyone else does their part why bother?  The other problem is that the Times prints so much ridiculous shit (did you read the Hillary endorsement?) that it's dismissed out of hand by a large portion of the American population that it's attempting to reach.  I'm not just talking about conservatives either, I know a lot of liberals who think the Times editorial board is out of touch with reality; which is sentiment I totally agree with.  The bunch of eggheads that write for the Times mostly went to elite colleges and live in NYC, they have no clue what life is like for the overwhelming majority of the country.  They're talking about cut your meat consumption by 20%, OK great, but how do you do it?  How do the stores and restaurants support that move?  How does the gov't cut the subsidies that umpteen generations of cattle farmers have come to depend on?  More important than all of that, how do you communicate the need to make this change without it sounding like what it actually is?  A bunch of over-educated jerkoffs clucking their tongues and telling everyone how to live?

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