Thursday, February 21, 2008

jimi vakentino's lonely hearts clubiosis of the liver

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Date: Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 1:13 AM
Subject: jimi vakentino's lonely hearts clubiosis of the liver

massacree survivors:

* this friday, 2/21; DJ Sharkey is back hosting Lord Darko from Spankrock. man we're gonna be packed, this is another victory for
all of us, do your homework!

* this Saturday, 2/22; DJ Mellie Mel and DJ Dribble. sunday hangover guaranteed, mel will bring treats, leg kicks!

it's dangerous to single out individuals for thanks when so many contribute, but we absolutely must call out BreakBeatBuddha for his
gravity-bending set sunday (dear lord it was like turning concrete to liquid), as well as vocalist Robert Manos' stunning improv on
the mic throughout the night. mark these words, Tanc & Tiernan's Dive and Lie Wrecked promotions will be legendary in the years to
come, it's not too often you have to run air-conditioning on a february night...

dysfunctionally yours,


ALSO: few of us have time to stay on top of what's interesting and challenging, so here's are a couple of DC's promoters that help
bring the goods to our house. check out these links, save 'em if you like the vibe, if they're pushing it you'll prolly dig it:
* & www.eightyeigthdc,com