Friday, February 15, 2008

iPhone WTF?

So I got an iPhone for Christmas (It's not something I would have ever bought for myself, but I already had Cingular service so it was a pretty cool gift) and I've been pretty happy with it for the most part. But tonight I'm sitting on the couch with the wife about ten minutes ago and my phone starts blowing up; text messages and voice mails from three hours earlier in the night. The wife then told me that she has called more than a few times and couldn't get me on the phone; during the day that makes sense because there are dead spots all over the building I work in, but the rest of the time that shit shouldn't be happening.

I'm more than a little annoyed because the VM was about something fairly important (selling these fucking condos, more on that later) and the text was about something VERY important: an invitation for some rugby team related boozing.

Ya know people like to hate on Microsoft as the epitome of a greedy, evil corporation; but Apple is every bit as bad and maybe worse because they act like they're a bunch of hippies that want to do the right thing, but the reality is they're every bit as bad as M$. Fuckers.

AT&T/Cingular get your shit together, you should be able to handle a slight uptick in messaging traffic on a Friday night.


monkeyrotica said...

that's more of an att thing than an apple thing. i get the same prob on my helio phone running on sprint: IM's running 20 minits late, etc. same deal when I had a sidekick running on tmobile.

but the iphone is a lot snappier if you've got wifi at home.

Hill Rat said...


Seems like incoming service gets spotty during high traffic hours

The iPhone is great on a good WiFi connect and it seems like some nodes of the Edge network run pretty fast some of the time.

A quick spin of the interweb turns up this thread on the official T site.