Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I just got done watching the Obama video at and I'm conflicted. 

There's something so inspiring about this guy that I'm thinking about pushing all my chips into the middle of the table, saying, "Fuck it!", and getting into the mess of American politics.  I'm actually contemplating leaving my pretty decent job, working for Obama's campaign, and hoping I can parlay that into a full-time gig on staff somewhere when he wins.  I don't believe in every plank in Obama's platform, but there's enough there that I do actually believe in that I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should get involved.

At the same time, there's the pragmatic/cynical side of me that knows that Obama is a politician and that I should protect myself from him and the broken heart that is almost sure to come if I allow myself to feel, to care, and to believe in what he's saying.  I mean, I'm just one man; one flawed man; one weak man; one selfish man; one unimportant man.  What difference can I possibly make?