Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From the Mouth of Mark Thorp


this friday, 8/1 , DJ L S. y'all know ellis. post-punk like nirvana, pop like madonna, old skool, new skewl... all takin the shortbus...
this saturray, 8/2, Re:sonance (dj's mike darpino & chris diamond). placebo, clutch, underworld, ladytron, damned... definitely rides the shortbus... here's their last setlist

next friday, 8/8, DJ Mob Beat. gorillaz, james brown, pixies, tribe, prince... meanderin' all over the map (yes via shortbus)...
next saturray, 8/9, Big Nick. hip hop w/ old funk & soul deep from the vaults... & this here's the master of the shortbus so come get you kiddies learned...

thanks so much for all the offers to speak to ABRA on our behalferage. turns out the investigator isn't interviewing anyone from our team 'cause there's no case against us. the hearing's september 3rd, should be good sport if anyone wants to come cheer. we gotta cheer that goes like "ya ya tequila! ya ya tequila! i amn't drunk! still jes' drinkin'!", which is a real good cheer 'cept some of the other kids don't get it. as diamond dave ravikoff would say, them other kids is "clownshoes".

shortbus does wheelies



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