Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Straight Outta Grafton

Shit, I have way too much to write about and not nearly enough time to do it. Hopefully that will change now that we've finally moved out of my in-laws spot and into our place. The next big move is to get BabyRat into daycare out here so WifeRat can finally finish her book.

We spent last weekend visiting "the Aunts", one lives in Grafton, ND and the other in East Grand Forks, MN. These are the places where white meets bread.

It's always great to see the Aunts because they're super nice, have an endless supply of cold beer, and always cook me whatever I want. No one is going to be making me seared pork belly or any kind of haute cuisine, but they make some good ass fried Walleye and do amazing things with the fresh new potatoes that are in ample supply this time of year. When I say fresh, I mean fresh like a farmer they know waves them over as they're driving past the field and gives them potatoes they just pulled from the ground. Then they take those ultra-fresh morsels and get stupid with cream, dumplings, and fresh dill; it's carb-tastic!!

This time we were up there mooching because they were supplying us with basically everything we needed for our place: beds, dressers, linens, dishes, desks, chairs, tables, and a couch. So while I was up north in addition to saving myself a ton of money on furniture I ate like a pig, had free child care in the form of various cousins and aunts, and I got to play golf too.