Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm in Fargo on Saturday Night, Here are Some Links

If TC’s stuff wasn’t always so on point I wouldn’t constantly link to him; but he is, so I do. Maybe I’ll just ask him if I can be his publicist.

And here I was thinking this kind of stuff only happened to us Black guys.

Ha, ha! Wanksta rappers get brutally clowned

Here I am stuck in Fargo for six months and the first band worth seeing (the SuperSuckers, at a small venue to boot) comes around on a weekend when I gotta head back to DC. So. Fucking. Lame.

Also harshing my mellow; the Points are playing at Memory Lanes on August 11 in the cities while I’m going to be at the lake with the whole in-law clan. I’ve been warned not to write anything about how badly a certain in-law was annoying me earlier tonight.

Just downloaded Exile in Guyville by Liz Phair the other day, can’t believe I missed this album the first go ‘round. Attention Avril, Alanis, and all of you other angst ridden grrrrls: you will never get close to doing anything this good.


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