Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Pine Lake

One of the defining experiences of life in this part of the US is spending the Summer going to "the lake." Minnesota is billed as the land of 10,000 lakes, now I don't know how accurate that count is but it seems like it could correct. There's Lake Lizzie (where BabyRat caught her first fish), Detroit Lakes, Big Pine Lake (where I am right now), and list goes on.

Now I've been warned by WifeRat not to write about my in-laws and I'll respect that as much as possible, but I'll go on record as saying that it's massively unfair to have me in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people who say things like, "Uff da" and expect me to not mine that vein of comedy gold.

Tomorrow is the big day, we (me and all the assembled brothers-in-law) are cooking a whole pig. The setup here was that each family would have a day where they cooked for the assembled masses.


nylonthread said...

I had to take a guess; does that mean "over there?" I'm not fluent in Minnesotan...

nylonthread said...

Um, believe it or not, I just ran into somebody else who was in Minnesota for the last two weeks (only in DC, eh?). She explained the Uff da phenomenon to me. And even suggested that I check out the very informative Wikipedia page for more detail.

Now you just need to ask Monkeyrotica about "okara-shoto."

Hill Rat said...


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I couldn't figure out exactly what you were referring to in your initial comment. I've long since forgotten that everyone doesn't know what "uff da" means.

Anyway, thanks for checking in with me. Keep those cards and letters coming!!


PS - What did you do in your past life that garnered you the punishment of being Mrs. Monkeyrotica?

nylonthread said...

Well, if you must know, a psychic told me that in my past life, my lover (of multiple lifetimes) and I killed ourselves in a suicide pact. Therefore, we were doomed to be separated in this life as punishment.

And so, I found Monkeyrotica.