Saturday, December 06, 2008

Crazy Talk

I think I'm addicted to posting now. It's like I need to give myself an after action report on the day or my current emotional state. I'm just seeing how much I can write during the intermission of a Scrabble game.

We decided to not have a TV while we were out here in NoDak and not too long after we arrived we realized that we didn't want to sit around and read every night because we both read a lot during the course of a day. It's fine some nights to read together in the living room after BabyRat goes to bed and there were more than a couple of nights that we just cracked open a bottle of wine and sat out on the balcony. We don't have a good full time setup to watch TV online and the feeble offerings available over the Summer weren't holding our interest, so WifeRat picked up a Scrabble game a couple of months ago.

It's been kind of neat to develop some skill at Scrabble at the same time. But truth be told WifeRat has been killing me for about the last month, constant vicious beatdowns until I finally got off the schneid last night assisted by a 73 point bingo.

Later. Game on!


Knockout Ed said...

We got a bunch of board games, including scrabble which we got a few months ago too, that I generally whoop my girl's butt in. We don't play too much though cause I'm always trash talking & she can't take it.

Hill Rat said...

The trash talk is unbelievable at our house. Before I finally won the other night WifeRat was talking mad shit, but it's all good 'cause it's a two-way street with us.

Knockout Ed said...

Amelia is a terrible trash talker, therefore she frowns upon me doing it.

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