Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Is It Worth It?

WifeRat and I thought we had decided against renting out our place for the inauguration. We will have just gotten back home from North Dakota and we're looking forward to being back in our place. But I was just looking on Craig's List and seeing the ridiculous prices people are asking for (and presumably getting) for places in DC. I'm guessing that with minimal effort we could get someone in our place for four nights at $1500/night for a total of $6K.

The problem then becomes where do we stay? We could stay with MommaRat in Alexandria, but that comes with its own special set of challenges (extra driving mostly) that I may not be up for dealing with if they can be avoided.

We also considered fleeing town for the warmer climes of South Florida. The rental proceeds would more than cover a four day trip to South Beach, where WifeRat's best friend lives, where we could ball out and stay at a beach front hotel. A nice change of pace from Fargo to say the least. Even though the trip would be paid for, traveling with a three year old is always a bit of a trial and we will have only been home for about two weeks when we have to take off.

The idea of nice little trip to Miami is enticing, but we live a 20 minute walk from the Capitol and can easily get to and participate in all of the inauguration festivities going on in DC. This is truly a once in a lifetime event and I have to wonder if ten years down the line I'll feel like a schmuck for having missed it to go hang out in Miami.


Knockout Ed said...

I feel you (pause). Me & Amelia were pretty much totally committed to going to the inauguration but that's out of the picture now. Even if we could get a flight hotels are so freaking expensive. I know for us & a lot of people it would be great to be there but no matter what that will be a a special, special day.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of over the top offers out there, but facts of actual rentals are much harder to come by.

Come home and enjoy the buzz.

virginia said...

tempting, but being there to witness this event...priceless.

Trevor said...

I don't know. Unless you have access to get up close to participate in the planned inauguration events and parties it may not be worth it.

I nearly froze to death when I went to an Obama event here in Denver. I got there early stood in line for three hours and hustled for a good vantage point. I was crammed into a spot unable to move, surrounded by other Obama nuts all trying to maximize their view like me. When he finally arrived to speak I could barley see him or hear him. I mean it was kinda maybe cool to go but the payoff was dubious. I wouldn't do it again. The replays of the event on CNN were better.

It's kinda like having a threesome - it's just not as much fun as you'd think.

The inauguration is going to be bananas - and it's going to be January cold in DC.

Without VIP access I'd rent the condo and go to Miami and hang with good friends or just post up at home. Either way, TV is the best way to witness this historical event.

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