Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Typical whirlwind Friday. We've been grilling and having low impact Happy Hour with another family or two on Friday evenings since we got a new outdoor set about six weeks ago. There are two things that initially led us to believe that WifeRat and I would be together forever. The first thing was travelling together and the second was entertaining together.

WifeRat and I both love to entertain and, perhaps more importantly, we love to entertain together. Neither of us thinks too much of last minute dinner guests, unexpected visits, and hastily called get togethers. At varying times in our relationship both of us have nervously called up the other, sheepishly explained the need for assistance, and then come home to an almost magazine worthy spread of food and drink in miraculously clean place.

Rather than grilling tonight, the kids from across the street were over. The folks that live across the street from us have a daughter who is about six months older than BabyRat, a son who is 2 1/2, and they just had a third about 6 weeks ago. Naturally BabyRat and the daughter are BFF and the younger brother is always invited to tag along when the BFF comes over. When I realized that I could easily accommodate a couple of extra kids in my dinner plans I called across the street and got the OK.

So rather than an ad hoc grill session/Happy Hour, we had the neighbor kids over for dinner to add some excitement to the end of the week. It was hectic, but fun to have three kids at the dinner table with us tonight. The BFF's mom says that she's a picky eater, but all I know is that kid chows down whenever she's at our house. It's kind of cool though to have neighbors whose kids are at your house enough to notice something like that.

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