Monday, June 01, 2009

A Sign?

For what was probably the first time in a couple of months, we had a weekend day with absolutely nothing planned. No family obligations, no rugby, no school nonsense, no work stuff, no date night, no play dates, no friends coming to town, no nothing. It was a relief to be able loll around in the bed this morning with our most pressing concern being whether to make French toast & bacon or shoot down to Sidamo for breakfast sandwiches and coffee.

After breakfast (I went to Sidamo and brought it home) we took the paper downstairs to the backyard to sit around the table and chill. We made some paper airplanes out of the mass of circulars until I finally got moving on cleaning out the back of the car so I could finally get the bikes & bike trailer out of storage.

Once I got everything home and made sure it was in working order (pumped up the tires and swapped out an uncomfortable seat), we went for a little ride around the Hill. We stopped at Lincoln Park to let BabyRat run off some of the energy she had accumulated during her nap and ended up at Matchbox for a fairly early dinner.

$.88 soft serve cones at Dunkin' Donuts proved to be too much to resist following our meal and by some unplanned miracle, we end up at home exactly at bath time. Of course, none of this was enough to get that recalcitrant child of ours to just take her little ass to sleep in a timely fashion but you can't have everything.

By the time I finished watching the Tivo'd Super League Championship game I was starting to feel pretty worn out. I still forced myself to go grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck lest we end spending another week doing a la minute dinner planning which often takes the form of going out to eat.

On the way home from the grocery store I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to stop by Jimmy Valentine's. Not surprisingly, I ended up having a pretty informative conversation there before I came home to put away groceries and finally take a shower after living like a dirty frat boy all weekend.

Now it's 2am and I'm having trouble sleeping, so naturally I decided to get up a do a blog post and I notice that it's June 1. A perfect time for me to re-commit to this blog and see if I can bang out another month of non-stop blog posts.

It seems like a good time to do it; I have so much to write about and my first day's post is already done. Who's with me?


IK said...

With you! Love, WifeRat

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we all are with you !

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