Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club


this friday, 4/25, DJ Strange & DJ Medusa host Wasteland, our
longest-running monthly promotion from terrible folks anchoring our status as a miserable bar for bad people. check out their most recent set list here

this saturday, 4/26, DJ Mellie Mel & DJ Dribble host Filth, our
second-longest monthly promotion from wretched criminals proudly bearing our standard as a rotten bar for dirty people. you wouldn't believe their set list if there was a record of it anyway

recent bloggers have called us "not my kind of thing" and "ghetto"

thank you!!!!


ps. d thrett's in argentina (that's dawn by the way), she's never left the states before and doesn't speak a lick of spanish, your prayers can really help

pps. one-year anniversary party sunday may 25th, this is gonna be a holy mess and no your prayers won't do a damn thing

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