Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drowning in a Tidal Wave of Pee

BabyRat has been potty-trained for a good long time now; when we first started putting her in underwear we had the inevitable accidents and it was no big deal. We kept her in diapers at night for a while because it was easier, but eventually we let that go too knowing full well that we were going to have some night time accidents. Things were going really well, and for a couple of weeks BabyRat stopped having accidents altogether and I thought we were done with potty training. Unfortunately, like so many other times in my life, I was wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

First the night time accidents came back, so we started taking her to the bathroom about two hours after she went to sleep and that seemed to help. If the problem had remained confined to the night time hours I could have lived with it, but now BabyRat is having day time accidents again.

BR pissed herself twice this morning and I got a slightly frantic and annoyed phone call from her daycare class teacher. So I go downstairs to the daycare center and talk to BR for a little while, she wiggles around and doesn't answer my questions for a little while. I keep on asking questions and getting some nonsense answers, but I plod ahead until BR finally tells me that she's peeing on herself because she "wants attention."

Now I had been telling my wife this for a while and she would get mad at me saying that BR is too young to know what's up, but I knew better. When I finally got WifeRat on the phone I was irked 'cause I had to stop working to go home and get clean clothes and I couldn't get her on the phone when the shit (piss really) was hitting the fan. After relating the entire episode to WR, she finally agreed that BR was peeing her pants to get attention.

WR says that every information source is in agreement that you can't punish kids about any of the bathroom stuff. OK, fine but what the hell are you supposed to do? As far as I can tell we're losing this battle; BR wants attention, so she pees on herself. Then we have to clean her up and put clean clothes on her, so she's getting the attention she wants.

The question is: what now?

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!!


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