Monday, April 07, 2008

Jimmy Vazeline's Lonely Hearts Club

bust out the dancin shoes, we gotta couppla sets of DJ's from ol' Kingpin days this weekend:

this Friday, 4/11, Big Nick spinning soulful funk, reggae & mostly hip hop
this Saturday, 4/12, DJ's Todd Mack and T-Dawg working a lot of hip hop with a splash of reggae

besides donating to the Fraternal Order of Police, we also give money to the After School Program at Webb Elementary here in Trinidad, which is run by Catrice Smith. most of the kids in the 'hood here need some place positive and productive to hang out after classes and before they go home, so any of you locals who wanna help out please just let us know and we'll steer you to Catrice.

we also sponsor Elzee Racing, which is our good friend Leon Zelensky's independent motorcycle team. Leon's an expert level racer in the Championship Cup Series (Mid Atlantic Region), and treks down to South Carolina this weekend, but he's got a couppla races you can check out this May only an hour from here at Summit Point, WV, which is a cool track for spectators. if you're interested in bikes/racing please talk to Leon 'cause he's extremely helpful with his considerable knowledge and can point you towards the right gear and/or roadracing instructors. if you don't know him just ask us, we'll hook you up, he's a genuinely kind guy. that's him up top and here's a link to his racing schedule/website, we'll keep you posted:



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