Thursday, March 27, 2008

Circus - After Action Report

I probably hadn't been to the circus in at least 25 years but I just got back from the Verizon Center (FWIW that still sounds weird to me) with BabyRat (BR) and her daycare class and it was outrageously fun! 
The show was titled "Bellobration" and revolves around the antics of Bello the clown who, seemingly can do anything and everything, plays off the Ringmaster as his straight man.  There are a few set pieces where Bello develops a crush on one of the acrobats and goes through a series of gaffs and missteps to win her affection; the highlight was the "sway pole" act that takes place about 90 feet in the air.
Before we could even get to our seats I had to get BR the popcorn I had promised her when we first started talking about the circus a few weeks ago and then after we went to the bathroom I was bamboozeld into buying a $20 light up sword that I'm sure will delight WifeRat.  During the first acrobat routine BR also informed me that, "The acrobats have to be careful!" 
All the kids in her class had a great time, but a couple of them Molly and Cindy (not their real names) got bored right before the end of the show and broke out ten minutes early.  They missed the Human Cannonball routine that closed the show.
My only beef was with the shorts, or really lack thereof, that the women acrobats were wearing.  They weren't thongs or anything, but ass cheeks were clearly hanging out and it just struck me as kind of gratuitous.  It's a 10:30am show for crissakes and it's not like the circus is where dudes go to get titillated anyway, would it be too much to ask that they use an extra $.10 worth of material and cover the women's entire ass?