Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ulah Bistro

A close friend of HillRat, a guy nicknamed SOS, helped open Ulah Bistro. Things are still in a state of flux at Ulah with an obligatory chef walk out two weeks after the restaurant opened. The recommendation I got from SOS's lady friend was to stick with the pizzas and burgers, but she heard the tuna tartar was good.

I was happy because I hadn't had tartar of any type in a while and it had caught my eye when I looked over the menu. My only minor complaint would be that the salad served on top was a little overdressed, still is was tasty and complimented the tuna nicely. The wasabi cream painted on the plate wasn't just there for decoration, it had a healthy kick and added zing to whatever you dragged through it.

Early looks seem to be pretty neutral so far.


Anonymous said...

I was extremely disappointed with Ulah Bistro. The food was horrible.

Hill Rat said...

Anon - I may be in there tonight, if I am I'll be sure to pass on your comments.


dkevms said...

Who is SOS?