Friday, March 21, 2008

R.I.P. Murky

Damn, I can't believe it!  Murky Coffee's Capitol Hill location is kaput.  Bandwidth mooching bloggers, financial blogs, foodie blogs, and of course yours truly are all talking about the closure.
The official word came down in the form of Washington Post article today that added a few details about the specific payments missed and the personal toll that this financial crisis is taking on Nick Cho, who owns another Murky Coffee outlet in Arlington.
As a long time patron I'm sad to see Nick and his excellent coffee leave the Hill, but I'm more concerned about the hard-working baristas that suddenly found themselves out of a job.  WifeRat and I had our own personal nicknames for many of the long time employees: Liz Lemon, Barista Supreme, Barista that Bugs, The Unseen Cavalier, and, I'm Back Guy.  A lot of folks complained about the size and noise of Murky and it was definitely a little on the small side, but the super awesome staff always made up for any shortcomings in the physical accomodations and the coffee was sublime.
Liz Lemon: Dora the Explorer and Father of the Year miss you!  If you get a job at SOVA we promise to come in to see you.

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