Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Capitol Hill Harris Teeter Opening Today?

On the Metro to work today I could have sworn that I caught a glimpse of an article that said the "Jenkins Row" (what-the-fuck-ever) Harris Teeter was opening today.  A quick search of the Washington Post showed that the store was due to open last night at 5:30pm and the Harris Teeter website says that the store is having its Grand Opening today.

Anyone know if this is the case?

[updated 11pm]
It's open and very nice


Anonymous said...

yes, the harris teeter opened!

Hill Rat said...

Indeed it did, Swiss Family Rat went there after dinner tonight to check it out.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any photos or more info about the new Harris Teeter on Capitol Hill ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please consider boycotting Harris Teeter. I am sorry HT came to the DC area. I have been shopping at HT for about five years and I was fooled enough to ask for more stores in our area. I now realize that was a big mistake. The “friendly” customer service is a strategy to get people hooked. After they opened a few small truly friendly markets, they inundated us with so many stores they can’t possibly find enough friendly people to work in them given they are non-union and so widespread. It shows in the very unprofessional, poor service. If your store’s customer service is still friendly, just wait … it will change over time.

HT also practices deception of customers through dishonest product marketing. Please investigate this yourself. I encourage you to ask questions about the products you buy in their “fresh” markets. Most products are not made there. Many come in frozen. HT will tell you that this is industry standard but other grocery stores I use do not have “fresh foods market” signs advertising products that are made by a third party, shipped to HT, put in HT “fresh foods market” packaging and defrosted for sale at gourmet market prices with someone deceptively dressed like a chef standing in front of them giving out samples.

I know good grocery options in DC are limited, but I still say boycotting HT is a wise decision for the long term. They are putting the very few decent grocery stores that are left in Virginia out of business with these deceptive tactics that creative unfair competition. And, they are only appearing to improve the DC grocery market. If we do not boycott HT, we will have no place left to shop and the fault will be ours for allowing their manipulative tactics in our communities. Please look past the brights lights, pretty store layouts and convenience items. I believe you will see nothing but average to substandard products, deceptively labeled as “fresh” when they are not. Please be careful and certain what you are paying extra for. Other communities, please beware and be very careful who you let take over your neighborhood.

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