Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Harris Teeter

WifeRat was bitter following late night escapades after rugby this week so I decided to check out the new Harris Teeter on Kalorama. I didn't get there until almost 2200hrs so the parking garage was pretty much deserted, but I was still greeted by cheerful employee when I walked into the elevator lobby.

As expected, the store was clean and well-stocked even considering the late hour. I basically walked around the outside edge of the store getting produce, milk, and all the rest of the stuff that keeps Swiss Family Rat well fed. Only one register was open and when I attempted to use the self-checkout a cheerful and (attempting to be) helpful employee directed me to an Express checkout station that was temporarily abandoned. About 90 seconds and a cart full of apologies later, the staff member showed up and whipped me through the checkout process while directing me to a newspaper coupon for $5 off.

Seeing the quantity of stuff I purchased and the short amount of time it took me to get done, one of the guys down in the garage commented that I hit the store, ". . . bank robbery style, quick!"

On the way home I stopped in for a short one with SOS at Ulah. I was curious to check it out again after getting an anonymous comment that the food sucked. I neglected to mention this to SOS 'cause he's just bubbling over talking about the place that he and Girlfriend of Hateration (GOH) are buying. Some random guy also bought me a shot of Patron in the course of trying to make a point to the bartender next door.


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