Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Reason to the Hate the DNC

I've been really down on the DNC for years now, in large part because they treat Black voters as being completely and totally beholden to them. Billary's shameful performance during the primaries this year have done nothing to change that opinion.

But the biggest reason I can't stand the DNC is that they are stunningly incompetent. One of my friends described the DNC as having, " . . . a tattoo of a target between their toes and ankle and no matter what, they just fucking refuse to have it lasered off." That explains the nomination of Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, the two worst Democratic Presidential candidates of my lifetime.

Now to compound the DNC's myriad sins, we have reports that members of the Afro-sphere are largely being shut out of the State Blogger Corps (they have floor access all four days, are seated next to their state delegations, and will have internet access) for the DNC Convention this Summer.

It's not that I think there is/was a concerted effort to shut out Black bloggers, but rather there was no attempt to make sure that this very important constituency of the DNC was included.

Typical shameful shit by the DNC.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more about the incompetence of the DNC. Here's a few more things to hate them for:

1) They do not have a clue how to run a successful campaign. The last time we won it took a political god (bill clinton) to get a win, and even that was by a slim margin, even though democrats in this country far outnumber registered republicans. This election year, the DNC is already playing the usual loser card by allowing the Republicans to shape and frame the election as being about the war, so that McCain has at least a hitting chance. They also continually play on the defensive. WHY IS THE DNC NOT BRINGING UP the economy, healthcare, education, social security? Why do they continuously play by the RNC's rules? It's completely irresponsible and pathetic.

And let's call this "issue" with Florida and Michigan what it is: A complete debacle and disaster. If the DNC was going to make idiotic rules, it should have enforced them right when the idea of "reinstatement" left Hillary's lips. Instead, a complete lack of leadership allowed this situation to grow into a media firestorm that is frankly going to cost us a found hundred thousand votes. It's unbelievable that the DNC did not have the foresite to realize that this was a complete political blunder. It's funny how we never see this kind of crap on the other side of the fence.

2) The DNC has some of the biggest idiots in the party running it. There is zero leadership, and everyone is so freaking scared of stepping on other people's toes. You'd think that we would get bright, experienced, moderate party elders running this thing. Two words: Howard Dean. Need I say more?

3) The DNC has no idea how to reach out to its constituency. Like you have already laid out, the DNC fails to get black, latinos, and other minorities involved in the election process, despite the fact that these people vote democrat by a vast majority. In addition, the DNC has completely ineffective marketing campaigns.

4) Finally, in terms of the current election between Barack and Hillary: I think it was great for the party to have a spirited debate between the two: It registered more voters and kept the media coverage off McScumbag. On the other hand, you'd think some of the party elders would have been bright enought to moderate the discussion when Hillary came out swinging. What a good idea: Now, we will either be stuck with a candidate who looks like a backstabbing and ruthless witch, or a guy who has taken a thousand punches before the primary is even over. Wonderful job, DNC. Seriously though, where have our leaders gone, and how can we put an end to this outrageous stunt?

Hill Rat said...


Were I not already married to WifeRat I might ask you to marry me.

Spot on analysis; the points I have in my head but can't summarize.

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