Thursday, May 15, 2008

R & R Hotel

Show was supposed to start @ 8:30, so Dr Mayhem and I rushed out of the house (after downing a glass of absinthe) so we wouldn't be too late. Got here and everything is running late; I'm more surprised than annoyed because the last half dozen or so shows(@ RnR and other venues) that I've been to have gone off on time.

Stinking Lizaveta

A Day Without a Murder, Zeitgeist the Movie, Truth Movement, Vicious Circle, (missed one), and LBJ.

They didn't start calling out the songs until a few songs in, I would love to know what the song was right before 'Murder'; please leave a message.

Also, shocked and grossed to pay $9.50 for a PBR and a shot Jim Beam; that shit is $3 @ Bob & Barbara's.


Someone has jokes because Dokken was being played between bands.

Torche was louder than the Big Bang. I think they started with 'Little Champion', that was all I could make out. Seriously, their shit was turned up to 11; I'm sitting here with my ears ringing an hour and change after their set ended.

The Sword

By the time they took the stage I was pretty tired, we stayed for what I'm guessing was about half their set. They were a'ight, but nothing too special IMHO.