Friday, May 09, 2008

Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club

From: Mark

April showers, May deluges...

tonight, 5/9, Big Nick slammanzee deckenzen
tomorrow night, 5/10, professional pharmacist & life advisor Dr. Seth Boyar rokkenzee hausenzen

next friday, 5/16, US Royalty spinningzee trakkenzen
next saturday, 5/17, DJ Mellie Mel & DJ Dribble makenzee messenzen (w/ possible appearance by DJ Blanco)

* tomorrow afternoon our very dear friends Alanna Foster and Dean Dessouky will be married, much love to you both!

and you are reminded that sunday, 5/25, is our one-year anniversary debaucher w/ Live and Die Wrecked, meltdown guaranteed so grab a helmet kiddies... got to pay to ride


ps. recent quotes:
"i'm not a mathemagician" - pbr tom
"can you pump my chair"? - layla
"a ram is my totem" - anon (possibly melina)
"IT'S THE SAUCE"! - haley

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