Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Night Links

Some Gear I'm Coveting - Yes, I'm fully aware that "Symbionese" is just some made up shit that sounds really old but isn't (kind of like Wicca) and it was really just a bunch of dipshits who ran around robbing banks and other lefties pretending they were revolutionaries. Still, the graphic is dope and the combination of the Fuct label on a Champion sweatshirt is a funky match that takes me back to the days of my youth.

Jerky Boys in '08 - Courtesy of Slate magazine, Barack Obama and John McCain soundboards. So simple but so hilarious.

Remember the Wall Street Bailout? - Guess what? The bill is actually about twice what we were originally told. Words continue to fail me on this issue.

Some buddies of mine and I were discussing this a couple of weeks back and I was screaming for vengence. Everything I said in that conversation; the number of CEOs I thought should be hung by the neck until dead, the number of bankers who should be forced to live in refrigerator boxes, and the number of public floggings; is now doubled.

Tempest in a Teapot - Zut alors! There's a problem with some of DC's absentee ballots, an issue that affects yours truly and the votes he casts in local elections. But I'm guessing that since Al Gore and John Kerry carried DC with 85% and 89% of the vote respectively this won't be much of problem in the Presidential election.

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