Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Post

Is Mike Singletary actually a rugger? - It looks like he might be, randomly dropping trou is one of the hallmarks of a rugger. I've been reading a bit about Singletary and what's been going on since he took over the 49ers and I love reading about an old school coach. Not old school in the abusive way, like the high school football coach I had that threw tampons at a running back exhorting him to, "Hit the hole, pussy!" I'm talking about old school in that he expects his players to sell out to the team, to be responsible to their teammates, to put their devotion to the team above their individual goals.

My own recent experience as a coach of young men makes me sympathetic to what Singletary is trying to adapt to. Even though Singletary is ten years older than I am, we both came of age (you like how I just put myself in the same category as an NFL Hall of Famer?) at a time when parental ass whippings and coaches whose motivational tactics often spilled over into outright cruelty were the coin of the realm. Now we find ourselves trying to understand and motivate young men who spent their early lives getting trophies regardless of if they won or lost and may still be developing a mental toughness that's not fostered by playing Halo online. This isn't to say that the young bucks now aren't just as rough and ready in their own way, it's just a way that we don't necessarily recognize or understand.

More Security Kabuki in DC - Metro is introducing bag searches. Poop in yer pants stupid says me.

And now a rant on Comcast's latest outrage. Fucking Comcast, they continually find ways to provide less service and charge more money. I just got an e-mail explaining their latest rate increase, how these bloodsucking shitbags think there is any justification for charging me more money is beyond me. But the thing that really burns my ass is the $2 "convenience fee" for payments made through automated service.

Think about this for a second, rather than mailing them a check that they have to take out of an envelope and send to a bank, I pay online and allow them to do everything electronically. Thus saving them the time and expense of having my payments pass through human hands and for doing them this favor they ARE CHARGING ME MORE MONEY?!?!?!?!?! Is Comcast counting on me and millions of others being too lazy to stroke a check every month? If so, they are sadly mistaken because this time they have gone to fucking far.

I'm sitting here literally shaking with rage at Comcast's latest "go fuck yourself customer." I may just call Comcast just to cuss out one of their phone jockeys; I know it's not whoever picks up the phone's fault, but they choose to work for the shit-sucking, ass-gobbling, money-grubbing, douche-garglers at Comcast so I hope whatever they're getting paid is worth the tidal wave of complaints they're sure to hear in the coming weeks.

In closing fuck Comcast, fuck Comcast, and FUCK COMCAST in the ass, cunt, and mouth with a splintery pool cue.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if verizon\dtv is really any better, but I'm glad I don't deal with the crooks at Comcast anymore.

Knockout Ed said...

Tell us how you really feel HR.