Monday, October 27, 2008

So I Get This E-mail

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:21 AM, <> wrote:

Now tell me he isn't a socialist


Now I wouldn't exactly call the guy I got this from a friend; but he's a dude who went to high school with a bunch of guys that I went to college with, and we've all been kind of having this weird, stream of consciousness e-mail discussion/argument for about 13 years running. So I actually know this guy pretty well; he's a FOX News lovin', Drudge Report readin', Limbaugh listenin', Reagan worshipin', big gov't hatin', Islam fearin', GOP nut gargler.

Below is my response, feel free to answer the question at the end in the comments -HR

Does it really matter if he is?

If you listen to this clip, Obama has obviously spent a great deal of time studying the Constitution and how it is applied in the real world. He speaks specifically about the problem of separation of powers and unfunded mandates from the Feds to local gov'ts. It sounds to me that he's actually agreeing with you about the philosophical position that you can't legislate from the bench and that if you want to effect large scale social or economic change in the US you have to do it through a combination of legislative and executive/administrative power.

Obama has praised Reagan as a transformative president and I think we all agree that's true. Reagan led and presided over a renegotiation of the covenant between citizen and gov't and perhaps Obama wants to do the same.

Y'all have kind of clowned [redacted] for expressing a willingness to pay more taxes under an Obama administration, but I actually kind of agree with [redacted]. It depends on what I get for my money; if pay 5% more in taxes but Obama really does walk on water, balance the budget, re-affirm American power, and provide quality health care for everyone then I consider it money well spent.

Serious question B: Where do draw the line between responsible gov't and Socialism?


Knockout Ed said...

I have a problem with your question HR.

Redistribution of wealth is not socialism. Higher taxes is not socialism. Socialism is the government or the "collective" owning everything. You have no rights to property. The "collective" or gov't own the means of production and distribution of goods.

Good gov't is in no way shape or form akin to socialism. I think your question leaves too much room for interpretation I think. We all have different ideas of what "responsible" gov't is. The left & right have completely divergent ideas of it. To me this is main difference between the parties.

The whole problem with this video & one of my main problems with GOPers in general is they are always reading into what libs say. The person who produced this video assumes a whole bunch of things Obama does not say or imply.

As for answering your question instead of just being a critical douche. I would draw the line at a little while before people start trying to take my shit, saying it belongs to everyone.

Knockout Ed said...

BTW. I don't think you believe any of the things I cited are socialism I just think your question conflates (is that the right word) socialism & responsible gov't a little too closely for my preference.

Knockout Ed said...

Great debunking of your GOP nut gargler's (lol) email:

the writer here is also a lawyer.