Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This May Be Tougher Than I Thought

Whoops! It's 8pm and I still haven't finished up my writing for the day. I guess I'll go ahead and get my whine on now.

Current hassles today include the ongoing drama of getting rent from our tenant into our checking account. The first problem was a mismatch between the number written on our tenant's check and the amount written out. Our bank (actually a credit union that I'm about ready to 86 because of various pains in the ass they have given me) kicked the check back to us and our tenant swears up and down that she mailed a new check that has yet to show up at the credit union. Having never had a tenant before, I don't know how common these kinds of problems are. Any guidance from the chattering classes is appreciated.

I'm also a little bummed out about the end of rugby season. I hooked up with a college side out here and after about a week with them, I decided that I could help their team better as a coach than I could as a player. So for the remainder of their season I took on a strictly coaching role.

It was difficult for me to say the least because rather than simply concentrating on my own game and my own fitness, I was now in a position where I had to concentrate on (and manage) the tactics, training, and fitness of 25-30 guys. In addition to the rugby side of things, once I assumed the role of coach I then had to gauge the player's varying levels of commitment to the team and attempt to motivate them. For a guy that is a part of the tail end of the last generation of men to have their high school coaches flagrantly curse them at practice and so forth, it presents an interesting challenge.

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