Friday, October 24, 2008

Why This Blog Sucks

There is a fundamental lack of honesty in my writing here that I can't really get around.

My first reader and my biggest fan is WifeRat. At the same, because we spend so much time together, no one gets on my nerves quite the way she does. The natural thing for a blogger to do would be to write about these conflicts and frustrations, unfortunately an accurate (from my perspective) recounting of these problems is characterized as me "trashing my wife" on my blog and I'm sure this post will be interpreted in the same way. But I love my wife, so to keep the peace I keep her and the infinite trove of source material she provides off my blog . . . mostly.

Shortly after we arrived in the Fargo-Moorhead area, WifeRat issued an edict that I'm not to blog about her family. Now as tough as it is to not write/complain about my wife, it's just cruel and unusual to not allow me to drink from the well of endless comedy that is my in-laws. Especially since my in-laws were, until recently, the only people I ever hung out with here.

A lot of my hesitation to really spill my guts about other topics comes from the fact that once you post something on the internet, it's basically there forever; it gets google-cached and then takes on a life of it's own. Even though it looks like a guy who admitted to smoking weed and doing blow is going to be elected President, Drug War paranoia keeps me from being as candid as I think a writer needs to be.


monkeyrotica said...

Well, you're welcome to make fun of my wife. She actually had the nerve to chew me out for taking up pipe smoking. I'm like, "Bitch, maybe I wouldn't have this stanky thing in my mouth if you'd let me go down on you once in a while." But she was nice enough to get me chicken wings and mambo sauce for dinner, so it's all good, I guess.

Knockout Ed said...

I don't what that previous comment was about but this post is exactly why this blog doesn't suck. Not putting all you shit out there doesn't mean you're not honest. It just means you got your priorities straight.

Hill Rat said...


Monkey is a frequent commenter over on DCist. His sense of humor is "unique" but he'll liven up any comment thread quickfastinahurry.