Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Morning Links

I'm not quite sure what happened, but it looks like the Cynics' Party morphed into Stinque. Does anyone know what the story is?

Stinque commenter RomeGirl hits the nail on the head when talking about Palin, "She and, I presume, some kind of professional person who is paid to look after her interests, walked around a turkey farm, saw two drains and a bloodbath, and said, RIGHT HERE IS FINE."

The Sexist is 70% man. - Ever wonder what your writing style says about you? I did to and apparently I'm only 65% man.

What's the German Word for Douchebag? - Stunning, guys get a tattoo of whorehouse on their forearms for a lifetime discount. Good ol' progressive Europe!

Criticism of Eric Holder coming from a few different sources - As Ta-Nehisi points out, Obama's rhetoric on drug law enforcement is quite different from what Holder was saying during the Clinton administration. Hopefully the new AG will get with the new boss' program.

The Copy Ranter on Russian Bear vodka ad - CR is right, "real men" WTF? Totally inconsistent with the tone, tenor, and style of the rest of the ad.

From the Root: Busta Rhymes continues to reach out and spread understanding - I'm sorry I even asked if it was fair to brand Busta homophobic. Especially distasteful was Busta glomming onto Obama saying, "After Nov. 4, we gettin' so much new sh**, we gonna call that motherf$#%&@ Ay-rab money." It's an ignorance dog, slathered in stupidity.

Malcolm Gladwell gets put on blast - Saw this link in a tweet from Jay Smooth and dude gives Gladwell the business something fierce.

The Sports Guy - Amazing column on "The Battle of the Network Stars".


Nojo said...

Very long story short, "creative differences" between (most of) the bloggers and CP management. I set up Stinque so we could keep doing what we've been doing.

Nojo said...

But if you'd like the long story...

Nojo's Annoucement:

Hunter's Defense:

Megan's J'accuse:

Hill Rat said...

Thanks for the 411 and the two comments.

Knockout Ed said...

I'm 84% man, step your man game up HR!

Hill Rat said...


You're at 84% now and you're not even married, just wait until you have a child. Becoming a Father softens your heart and puts you in touch with your nurturing, feminine side.

Knockout Ed said...

Ha, I love it.

RomeGirl said...

Well, aren't you adorable and intelligent for quoting me.

Love, RomeGirl

Hill Rat said...

@RomeGirl - The pleasure is all mine. That was probably the single best quote about Palin that I've heard and perfectly summed up my own thoughts.

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