Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'll Be Glad to Get Back to DC

It's not that I don't like it out here in Fargo. When I first hatched this plan to move out here for six months one of the things I thought we would be able to do is live in a house, but we found an apartment that was literally a five minute walk from my in-laws so we took it. Other than the minor issue of not getting to live in a house for six months, pretty much everything has gone right on this trip out here. We found an awesome school for BabyRat, we have been on a couple of vacations and have taken numerous trips to the lake, and we have also been able to see a lot of family and participate in family events (birthdays and other celebrations we usually miss) while we have been here. Really it's been just about perfect when I think about it.

Still, I will be glad to get back home to DC. WifeRat and I like to go out to eat and we've done a good bit of that here, but going to Paradiso doesn't really cut if when you're craving some haute cuisine or sushi. I miss my neighborhood with the three nearby parks and, now, it's plethora of easy to walk to watering holes. I think what I miss the most is being able to walk to the store when we need a last second ingredient. There's nothing quite like the smell and sounds of the trees swaying in the breeze of a late autumn evening in DC.


Knockout Ed said...

I feel you man. I miss NYC so bad. It just aint the same out here. Of course I knew that before we moved, but still. We of course will be here for at least 2 more years, which might then be followed with a move to the Netherlands for 1.5 years if my lady gets into this joint degree program with Utrecht university. I have never lived outside of the U.S. though, so I love the thought of that. Of course this is all provided we stay together. We're not married (btw my word verification right now is undies, I had to tell someone that).

Hill Rat said...

I look forward to an opportunity to live overseas again and the Netherlands is super cool. I've been there a couple of times, once for a rugby tournament and another time to . . . uh . . . hang out.