Sunday, November 02, 2008

Last Pre-Election Politics Post - Updated

Let's see if I can get through a post of links without diverting onto a tangent.

1. I don't know who this Smokey Fontaine cat is, but this video is pretty decent.

2. Barack is now getting love from white racists. Obama is a phenomenon.

3. The good ol' Root has a piece on brothers and sisters who have been talking out of their ass during this campaign. Bob Johnson, Jesse Jackson, and Juan Williams all get lit up here. Conspicuous by his absence is Rev. Al Sharpton.

4. KnockoutEd reminds folks to vote over at COINTELPOL.

5. I've got to give a link to NylonThread, who got me involved with NaBloPoMo.

6. Andrew Sullivan has a nice little quote about the flap on Obama's plane.

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