Saturday, November 01, 2008

Prom Dress Rugby Tournament - Updated!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from one of the members of MSUM's Women's rugby team asking if I could help them out by reffing a couple of the games in their prom dress rugby tournament. Apparently this is something that a lot of other college women's team do and I have to say that it seems like a pretty cool post-modern thing to do.

One thing I never realized until I started playing rugby was that men and women who act as referees for sporting events have a love for their sports that can't be overestimated. Refs spend the same amount of time as players traveling to games, preparing themselves mentally and physically but they don't get to actually play. The decision to ref a couple of games was an easy one for me today because I'll be at Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party when my young charges take the field today for a motley with the NDSU Lost Boys and the Angry Beavers of Bemidji State.

I'm taking my camera today, so hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post later today.


There's a stereotype in college rugby that the women's clubs are more organized than the men's clubs, but in light of the fact that the Hummerz didn't have goal posts up I'm going to have to call fiction on that particular myth. I reffed one and a half games today before I had to bolt.

In typical rugby style, the first game (Concordia vs UND) started a half an hour late. UND pretty much dominated the match, 4 tries to 1. Here's a picture of me with UND after the game.

The second game was Moorhead against UND, but it looked the few straglers from NDSU who showed up were supplementing the UND side. When I left it was tied up at the half, one try each.

A couple of the WeinerCats, seen below, showed up in dresses to play a motley but I don't know if that ever happened.


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