Friday, November 14, 2008


Since I've moved to the Mid-West I have fallen in love with Walmart. There is an (almost) brand new Walmart SuperCenter located a five minute drive from our crib out here. This place has everything from tires to frozen shrimp, I love walking into Walmart knowing that they will almost certainly have every single thing I'm looking for. USB thumb drive, guacamole, and locking lug nuts? Check. If I wanted a codpiece, spurs, and a sawzall I'm pretty sure I could get all three at this Walmart.

You have to forgive me for my exuberance. When I need a last minute item, I'm used to going to a poorly stocked bodega and hoping for the best as I look for panko bread crumbs. Now that I'm a happy denizen of the suburbs, I just hop in my SUV and head that ass over to Walmart. It is well-stocked, it is huge, and it is open 24 hours a day. On top of all that, unlike the hurting Cashwise that only lets you get $25 or the skinflint Target that only allows $40, you can get $100 cash back.

WifeRat is a Target devotee. Over the Summer my brother-in-law and I had a long conversation over several beers about how our wives don't just go to Target 3-4 times each week; but they need to go, have to go, there is something that just had to be had from Target numerous times each week. As my love for Walmart has deepened, so has my understanding for WifeRat's Target fetish.

I'm pretty sure my love affair is going to end when I get back to DC and the nearest Walmart is 20 minutes away under ideal conditions, but we'll see what happens.


Jon said...

I find myself more intrigued than anything by why you may need a codpiece, spurs, AND a sawzall (despite it being the coolest power tool ever).

Nice article though - I find myself to be in the opposite boat; I've spent my young adult life going to Wal Mart for the essentials, but since moving to a city I crave the quirky little shops and oddities, and the thought of a big box store almost makes my skin crawl.

virginia said...

some seriously good writing on your blog, especially the post about your dad and the dentist visit. linked to you via 300 words, via oneminutewriter.

you may like this:
and i like her "best of" section...

anything food:

Hill Rat said...

Woot! New commenters, happy Friday to me indeed!

@jon - As a long time Capitol Hill resident, I too love locally owned joints. On the Hill we have institutions like Frager's and new places like Hill's Kitchen that serve almost all of my shopping needs. But when in Rome (or Fargo-Moorhead as the case may be) do as the Romans do.

@virginia - Thanks for the links. I've already taken a quick look at both of them and they look right down my alley.

nylonthread said...

There's a Walmart 1.8 miles from Monkeyrotica's & my little metro-DC pad (just mapped it). Let us know when you're heading our way & Monkey'll be sure to but some ribs on the smoker.

Honestly though, I've been there once & got creeped out. I'm with Wife Rat on preferring Target. When I was in Michigan, I liked Meijer.

Hill Rat said...

@nylonthread - Don't worry about the Republicans, they're more scared of you, than you of them.

RCBonay said...

When I want to buy stuff and people watch I go to Walmart.

When I want to buy stuff and get back home I go to Target.

When I want to buy stuff and be by myself I go to

Knockout Ed said...

Walmart? Seriously? I'm sure you don't have much of a choice, but ick. There was a proposed Walmart in maybe 2 years ago in NY. Boy did people nip that in the bud real quick. Funny part is though even though we live in StL now I still haven't seen one yet. BTW my lady & a couple of my other women friends from home also freakin' love Target. They pronounce it like it's a French word.

Hill Rat said...

KE - Don't sleep on Walmart.