Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Links

A links post, the refuge of the lazy blogger. I've been steady knocking out 500+ words each day, for someone who's not a professional writer or advocating a political position or dissecting the minutiae of "Heroes" that's pretty impressive and so I feel OK about punting today.

The Humanity Critic - This cat started following me on Twitter and so I did the same. In one of his tweets he sent out a link about why Clinton for SecState is a crock. The basic thesis is that because of the Clinton Global Initiative, Hillary has a conflict of interest that can't be resolved and isn't a viable candidate for Secretary of State; but the swirling rumors are meant to cockblock either Bill Richardson or John Kerry from getting the job. As always, the Clintons are keeping it classy . . . NOT!

Gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at the Wall Street Journal - This is the part of partisan politics that's so sad, GOP nut-gobblers can't believe that a guy who has repeatedly stepped on his dick for eight years isn't universally loved by all. I actually feel sorry for President Bush though, you can see that the last four years has really taken the starch out of him.

A new Five Guys opened up in DC

Dennis Miller has lost his shit - So typical, reduce women and their objections to whatever or whomever to jealousy over an assumed sex life. I hope the current cast of SNL has the balls to rip Miller (an SNL alumnus) to shreds over this idiocy and his tired schtick of obscure references.

Thanks to Knockout Ed over at Cointelpol for sending me this video from the New York Times about the Hyde School rugby program.


Knockout Ed said...

Reason #67 why StL kind of sucks: no Five Guys within a 200 mile radius.

How did Dennis Miller get so irrelevant?

Hill Rat said...

re: Dennis Miller

Sad isn't it? A lot of people kind of lost their shit after 9/11 and Miller's one of them.

re: StL
Too bad Gates doesn't have a StL location. BigDaddyRat turned me on to the place years ago and I never miss an opportunity to go there when I'm in KC.

tal said...

I just saw your blog, cool stuff. My name is tal bayer and I coach at Hyde. What caught my eye was your "Bad Brains" logo as your profile image.

I was at the show couple of weeks ago. BIG DISAPOINTMENT! HR was somewhere other than on stage for a reunion in their hometown. I felt bad for him.

I guess you can never go home but then again I am not sure some 40+ years olds can rock with the same energy angst etc that I remember from back in my youth.

ps- 5 Guys is awesome! we did one of our end of season meals at the one in Georgetown. I was surprised by the fact that a majority of our team had never eaten or heard of the place. Now they have one of our team balls on display.

Knockout Ed said...

I'm trying to figure out what this freaking town has going for it besides the Cardinals. So far not much good. Some of the bad: they have some horrible processed cheese called provel, StL isn't really run by city gov't, large swaths of the city basically abandoned. I could go on & on.

Hill Rat said...


Thanks for commenting! I always knew that logo would catch someone's eye.

Like most DC ruggers, I had been aware of the Hyde program for years and it was part of what inspired me to get involved with a college side out here in Fargo.

As I get closer to having to hang up the boots, I'm setting some new goals with respect to rugby and starting another DCPS high school rugby program may be something I'd like to take a shot at. Hopefully I'll see you around once I get back to DC.



tal said...

funny your initials for Hill Rat are HR, same as Bad Brains singer. Was that intentional?

There are now a couple of other DC teams. Chavez Charter School and starting this year COolidge wich is an offshoot of Washington Warriors clubside.

If and when you get back to area, look me up. I am always desperate for coaches. Do you teach?

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