Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GWAR Show - Follow Up

I was pretty excited for the show, I was hoping/wondering if they had anything special planned 'cause it was the night before Election Day. It didn't look they did anything unusual, but the word "unusual" is very relative when speaking about a GWAR show.

I can't give a set list other than they closed with "Sick of You," but what I can do is give a pretty good recap of kills during the show. I have some pictures, but I don't anything about photography and I have a pretty basic camera so getting good shots with strobes and explosions was beyond my skill level.

The show starts with Sleazy P. Martini giving a stump speech on-screen with a timer that's counting down "Time until Death."

They show a bunch of clips of the "Steve Wilkos Show" and then bring out "Steve." Sleazy joins him on stage with several large GWAR-esque wrestling belts slung over his shoulder and explains that these are the "Frank Sinatra Belts of Total World Domination" and the holder of the belts gets to rule the world. Sleazy goes on to say that McCain and Obama have no belts and Steve [wait for it] has no head! First decapitation of the show.

The belts are the center piece of most of the rest of the "interludes" for the rest of the show that take the form of wrestling matches. Here's the quick and dirty on who bit the dust tonight and how.


1. Steve Wilkos - decapitated
2. Baby - Impaled on Oderus' shoulder spikes
3. John McCain - Chased and then beaten with the skull of a VC by Bonesnapper
4 & 5 Obama & Hillary - Killed in a match with Bonesnapper & Oderus Urungus, Hillary is cut in half
6 & 7 The Reaganator & Dead Rosslyn Carter- 12 foot high robot run through with a sword, re-killing Dead Rosslyn Carter who introduced the Reagantor and is in his chest cavity.
8. Hippie - Head shot by Sleazy P. Martini
9. Artist - Face peeled off by Bonesnapper
10. Dog - During the encore


1. Techno Destructo
2. Bozo Destructo

Here's a pic of the Reaganator, I'll see if I can get this fixed up later.


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