Thursday, November 06, 2008

T Diamond Ranch

So after the call was made for Obama last night at 10pm our (central) time, we hit the road for Montana. I caught an hour of sleep before we left the in-law's place and slept the first two hours we were on the road before I took over behind the wheel at about midnight. We drove across western North Dakota and Eastern Montana until about 5:30am when I had to pull over to rest. I caught another two hours of sleep in the car and then not too long after we resumed our trip our route took us off the interstate.

Once the sun was up I could see that Montana is beautiful, it reminded me of the phrase "magnificent desolation". We stopped for breakfast in the thriving metropolis of Roundup, MT before coming into the home stretch of our trip. About 20 minutes outside of Lewistown it started snowing; I'm not sure of the geography of the area, but apparently we entered some mountain range. There was much rejoicing when we finally pulled into the driveway of the T Diamond Ranch.

After greeting everyone and a lot of hugging and excitement, BabyRat and my nephew/Godson (n/g) demanded to go out and play in the snow. We made a snowman and burned off some of the energy that BabyRat had built up sitting in a car for 12 hours before we had lunch. I won't bore you with the rest of the day, but it was pretty standard fare.

After we get the kids to bed and the adults are hanging out I realized that it's 10pm and I haven't done my blog post for the day. So I'm trying to excuse myself to bang out my 500 words for the day, but I'm not really sure what to tell people. I don't really want to tell them, "I'm a blogger" for two reasons. The first being I would feel like an unmitigated tool referring to myself as a blogger and the second is then they may want to read my blog. It would be fine for my sister & brother-in-law, but somehow I'm not comfortable with the idea of my brother-in-law's parents reading my piece of shit blog.

I realize this hesitance to tell people I have a blog is a weird bit of cognitive dissonance when you consider that anyone in the world can google "hill rat" and this blog is the second hit. I want people to read this blog, but I guess I just don't want certain people to read it lest I feel like I have to censor myself even further. Does this makes me a phony because I don't want some people to see behind the carefully constructed facade I present to the world?

Do any other bloggers feel the same way? It's kind of like I have a desire to keep my online life and identity separate from the rest of my life even though my life in meatspace is pretty much all I ever talk about.

PS - Special to my NaBloPoMo peeps. I pushed the send button on this post at 11:20pm Mountain time on 11/5/2008. Fuck that time stamp.


nylonthread said...

Dude, you can alter the time stamp. You're totally justified.

And yes, I do censor myself. My parents read my blog and while they haven't added to the comments lately, they do talk to me about my posts.

It makes me wish I hadn't told them, but at the same time, I want my blog to be a place for them and distant cousins to see pics of the kids and share in our lives. Maybe I should have two blogs? Ugh, just the thought makes my head spin.

Hill Rat said...

Whoa! There's no way in the world I would ever tell my folks about my blog. You're a braver person than I am.

Knockout Ed said...

I dunno. It is strange in a way. Maybe it's cause I don't/haven't yet really written about those close to me but I have no problem with anyone close to me reading my blog. I actually find it a nice way for people to know what my thoughts w/o having them interrupt me while I'm speaking. My mom is computer illiterate & wouldn't have much to say I suspect even if she wasn't. I'd really like my gf to participate in my blog with me but she's in law school & doesn't have the time. Hopefully I'll still be writing when she's done.